2020 Annual Student Competition

The Annual Student Competition is offered to all eight schools in the state that offer interior design programs. The focus and the partners for the project change yearly. Instructors work with the students for the bulk of the semester, and the results are very well done. Check out all of the components that go into the annual compeition,and look for these new designers in our profession.


2020 Student Competition Full Requirements

Girl Scout Corporate Headquarters and Training Center -- the real project we used to create the competition


The individual student submissions

Drew Dienhart, Purdue University

Sydney Drew, Purdue University

Courtney Drisko, Purdue University

Julia Gilstrap, Indiana University

Madi Likens, IUPUI

Tessa Madigan, IUPUI

Grace McFadden, Purdue University

Andrew Miller, Indiana University

Haley Sweet, IUPUI

Jayna Wagler, IUPUI

Eleanor Watkins, IUPUI

Jen Wright, Purdue